About us

Machine Learning, For Everyone

We built the most powerful data science platform in the world, and anyone can use it.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to create simple, powerful technology that enables individuals and organisations throughout the world to harness the powers of data science and explainable AI.”

Our Story

By developing beautiful AI-driven technology that allows anyone to build, scale and understand machine learning models without having to write any code – bluebeak is disrupting the way the world does data science and explainable AI.

We’re Australia’s first end-to-end data science and automated machine learning platform designed and built by industry leading data scientists. Throughout our journey, we develop and use only the latest technologies to ensure bluebeak stays at the forefront of data science and machine learning innovation – and we’re just getting started.

Bluebeak is a trusted Google Cloud Partner and offers innovative, world-class AI solutions to customers around the globe.

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